Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wishing for Little Feet

The boy needed an outfit for Easter, preferably one that did not have to be starched and ironed and in a color that would hide the crumbs of whatever he happenedto be eating. Do you know how much little boys get short-changed when it comes to special occasion clothes? Humans certainly are different from the animals because every male animal I can think of has magnificent colors. Little boys get relegated to a tiny corner of navy blue and white while clothing for little girls vomit all over the store in a cascade of pink and purple, along with headbands, barettes, socks iced with lace, and little plastic purses.

Today I went to four stores in 30 minutes (I work at a mall) on the hunt for clothes for Easter Sunday. I figured he has a blue oxford shirt at home, so all he really needs is a little sweater or jacket and a new pair of pants. I was even ready to plunk down $40 for a sweater and a pair of pants at one store, but the one clerk was doing a price adjustment for two women in front of me and it was taking forever. That store did not get my money. I finally found an outfit for him at a department store, plus bought an extra outfit just in case (you always have to have a Plan B) and I got it all for the same amount I was willing to pay at the other store. We'll see how it goes when I try to find him some shoes. We may have to put some shoe polish on his brown sandals and call it a day. I'm tired.

I am also hunting for something for myself, and I am not having any luck. I have a pair of off-white slacks and all I really want is a pretty top to wear with them. No luck. Everything I have seen today is hideous. And I know some of you are thinking, "You work retail, buy something from your own store." To that I say, "There are times in one's life where you look in your closet and realize you need to branch out." I am refusing to buy one more thing from my store. I also need new shoes, specifically a pair of comfortable sandals. I don't wear heels much anymore for a few reasons: 1. I am nearly 5 feet, 10 inches tall. If I wear heels I have to let the hem out of my pants or order them in a longer length. Time is of the essence. 2. Because I am tall, I have big feet. Big shoes are not cute. 3. I'm tired and heels require you to work it.

Tonight I looked for sandals and I got increasingly frustrated because all of the sandals are hideous this season also. Why do you need to have fringe on a sandal? I love the look of a platform wedge, but again, I would be over 6 feet tall if I wore them. I'm tall enough, thank you. What kills me is that manufacturers don't seem to be thinking of these things when they make these shoes. I wore a woman's size 7 in the FOURTH GRADE, and the size 7 wedge is still quite adorable, however, when it is presented to me in a size 11 something just gets lost in translation. So tonight I walked longingly past the little 6s and 7s and 8s, and checked out the 11s. While I looked I wondered if there are any short women out there with big feet, or tall women out there with tiny feet.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will be looking.


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