Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time Well Spent

When Lucas was born I thought I would have so much to write about. Instead, I have found that I wanted to keep some things about our first 4 months together private. I find myself the same way with taking pictures. One night the three of us were eating dinner on the patio and I said, "Let's take a picture." Instead of ruining the mood by jumping up to get the camera, we opted to savor the moment and tuck it away in our respective memories. Sorry, grandma.

So much has happened these past weeks that it is hard to put into words what has transpired. We are slowly getting on a schedule, aided by the fact that he sleeps through the night now. He is also weaned, which I hate, but with work I found it necessary and coincidentally, I think he is much happier being on the bottle. Church has become much easier, due to me giving him a huge bottle right before the service. He either sleeps or is incredibly mellow for most of the hour. It's nice to be able to sit and enjoy the service, even on communion Sundays. When I was still nursing and addled from sleep deprivation I nursed him in the cry room and came out just as a table of communicants was leaving the altar. I looked down and realized that my shirt was still pulled down and I was flashing the congregation my nursing bra. Yeah, that pastor preaches a great sermon, but his wife knows how to put on a show!