Monday, September 29, 2008

Seriously, why buy toys?

When playing with Lucas, we have learned that his attention span requires at least 6 different toys to keep his hands, mouth, and brain occupied and away from my fingers, my hair, my earrings, or any paper good I may hold in my possession. The fascination with those toys lasts about a second each, and then he is on to the fun, grown up stuff that we would not think in a million years to give him. We have found new uses for the millions of Mardi Gras cups I brought home two years ago, as he likes to play with them in the tub and bang them on his changing table. They keep his hands occupied while I try to change his diaper. Let's just say the boy has discovered his parts, and that's fine, it's just when his plumbing is covered with poop, we want to keep everyone as clean as possible.

He has also developed a fascination with rubber spatulas, which make great teething toys, but only until his attention is turned towards the dog's food dish and he decides it is time to drop the spatula and the little tupperware filled with black pepper pods (what a fun noisemaker!), and take a bath in the dog's water dish. The church bulletin is a nice distraction too, until mom takes it away from him for making too much noise in church and his ear piercing wails of disagreement force a hasty exit to the church entrance where we hang out with the ushers for the rest of the service. We have also found that washrags, flip-flops, and coffee cups are fun toys until mom the kill joy takes away all the fun. The metal mixing bowl dad gave him lasted for a few minutes because we want to prolong the drumset for at least 15 years.

Friday, September 26, 2008

One Armed Bandit

I wish I could say that the above title means I won big in Las Vegas, or maybe even one of the Indian casinoes nearby, but it refers to my newly developed ability to accomplish my to do list with one hand. No, the other is not tied behind my back. My other arm is wrapped around a 25 pound monkey who now clings to my neck and shirt when I hold him, which is ALWAYS because although he can now crawl, being carried everywhere is so much faster than being a quadriped. Albeit a quadriped who is still a wee bit unsteady and has a propensity for bumping into things.

I can now mix and bake a cake with one hand, complete my entire makeup routine with one hand, and complete a variety of other household duties while balancing a baby on my hip. One hand hold the mascara wand, the other hand holds the tube at a crazy angle to prevent Lucas's first introduction to the wide world of cosmetics. I don't think his father would be pleased. I realize that such activities are probably limiting Lucas's development, but the thought of cleaning cake batter, eye-makeup, and wads of chewed up paper out of his chubby fists far out-weigh any developmental need. He's a smart kid. I'm sure he'll catch up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, let the baby-proofing commence. The boy has started to scoot and crawl. For the longest time he would roll to what he wanted, which I give credit to a developing intellect. I guess he figure it would be more fun to roll 180 degrees to get his toy than to just scoot a few inches and grab it. Now he looks alarmingly like a mini-marine (especially when daddy puts him in his camo pants), as he crawls around on his elbows.

With the crawling comes something new: bumping his head. The look of surprise registers on his face, and if we don't look at him he won't cry. If we do, it's all over. How quickly they learn, the little manipulators. The joys I have to look forward to when he is a teenager. But he won't let me suck on his fat little cheeks when he is 15, so I have to get it all in right now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missed You

Hello, everyone. I have no excuses. My brother has sent me pleadings to write. A sorority sister I haven't seen in ages has asked when I will start writing again (Hi, Val!). Even my mom has asked about "the blog thing." Yeah, well, I've been busy on a a variety of projects, and I still find it hard to type when I have a little monkey clinging to my neck and yanking my hair (a delightful new development, let me tell you.)

So, Lucas Pookus full of mucus (and we say that with smiles and love), is now 8 months old. He smiles, belly laughs, eats baby food voraciosly, does not like to nap, loves to sing and is already mastering the art of staring at a woman until she smiles at him then he grins and cuts his eyes away. Flirt. He'll be banned to his room and not allowed to date until he is 36. Every day his father and I just look at each other and marvel at how much we love his little food crusted face, the way he leans down to suck on his toes, and how he forces himself to stay awake because he has already realized that LIFE is happening and if he closes his eyes he might miss something. I've tried to assure him that life is dull, get used to it, but then the dog walks by and he shrieks with laughter. The dog walks by him a hundred times a day and each time is like they have just been introduced. It is obvious that he will be a child that loves life, loves people, and loves the action. Now it is our job to keep him away from fast cars and loose women. See my above comment about locking him in his room until he is 36.

I am very fortunate to have The Rev. caring for him most days, as I am still working. It is not in our long range plans for me to work, but with a mortgage in California, it is something we have to do. One of the biggest joys has been seeing how much The Rev. ADORES this child. He's ready to have another one. Please note. HE is ready to have another one. I just got back into my normal clothes, although I have resigned myself to never fitting into a couple of things ever again. Hips. Baby. Wider.

Anyway, we are here in SoCal, and would love for everyone to meet the little guy. I will try to be more diligent in my posting, and let me send a shout out to my New Orleanian brothers and sisters. I was glued to the television and the internet for a week. I am so glad that you lost power, but not your life. I can't wait to take Lucas to his first Mardi Gras. Now, Ike is bearing down on Texas, and they mentioned Port Lavaca. I have a few happy memories of swimming there with my cousins, so I send a prayer your way. Love you all, thanks for the happy thoughts sent my way.